Linear pneumatic actuator

Linear Pneumatic Actuator FQG s

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Linear Pneumatic Actuator

    FQG series linear actuator uses compressed air to complete the action of a power actuator. These actuators can be used with linear pneumatic series valve that include Gate valve, globe valve, slurry valve etc. The actuators are available as either double-acting or single-acting. Double-acting actuators switches are driven by air pressure. Single-acting actuators switches are also driven by air pressure. However, a spring-loaded model is available. Thus, depending on the specific requirement, the actuator control mode can choose switching mode or modulating mode. Usually the actuator is a whole structure, Implementing machine and modulate machine are unified whole.

1. Product specifications:

a. The actuator cylinder is made of high-quality hardened,(use honing steel tube when actuator diameter is greater than 300), anodized aluminum alloy tube that is both durable that generates efficient high-outputs.
b. The piston rod surface is hardened chrome plated, that is resistive to abrasion, ware and tear, rust proof, and has other characteristics.

d.The sealing ring is made of a life-long lasting special rubber material that does not require the use of lubricating oil during low-pressure start-up.
e.The oil bearing in front of the actuator has a low coefficient of friction and is fabricated using fused anti-corrosion technology, enhancing its durability.
f. According to the conditions required to achieve end of stroke cushioning, adjustable mechanical function of the actuator stroke; and optional hand wheel, to achieve local emergency operations.
2.Technique parameters:

a.    Working medium:Pre-ed cfilterlean compressed air
b.    Maximum working pressure:1.0Mpa
c.   Operating temperature:Commonly -5 - 80 oC    Particular:-25-200oC
d.   Stroke velocity:50~500mm/s
e.   Service life:≥1000km
f.    Output thrust:The maximum can reach to 500000N
3.  Quality assurance:

a.    ISO9001-2008 All actuators are manufactured in accordance and compliance with ISO9001 quality system。
b.    Actuators are 100% pre-tested before leaving the factory,and test reports are available.
c.    Solenoid valve, vacuum filter, positioning actuators, and other compenets are produced according to the international quality control guidelines.

4.   The theory of direct stroke pneumatic actuator 
     output table and bore selection (double acting)


Note: P1 is actuator axial force , P2 is actuator axial tensile force. The actuator stroke is confirmed by the Valve stroke when open or close the valve

 5. The theory of direct stroke pneumatic actuator 
     output table and bore selection (single acting)

Note: Single acting linear lactuators can be customized with special trip


6. The dimensional drawing (double acting)

7.The dimensional drawing (single acting)
8.Linear pneumatic actuator for gate valves mounting dimension


9.Large model linear pneumatic actuator manufacturing cases:

Double acting linear pneumatic actuator with large model (control globe valve with emergency hand wheel operation) FQG630*250-DA-HW
Spring return linear pneumatic actuator with large model (normally closed,
control globe valve with emergency hand wheel operation) FQG900*160-SR-C-HW

Spring return linear pneumatic actuator with large model (normally opened, control globe valve with emergency hand wheel operation) FQG1000*120-SR-O-HW


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